Shroud Exhibit and Museum in New Mexico

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Group tours in English. To schedule tours in German & Spanish, contact Events or call (575) 446-2113.

Presentations at Your Location
Deacon Pete Schumacher, 1972 VP8 Production Engineer, is available to conduct . . .

About Us
Free Turin Shroud interactive exhibit at White Sands Mall, 3199 N White Sands Blvd, Suite D1, Alamogordo, NM, 88310. We offer a backlit, full-sized picture, the only interactive VP-8 Image Analyzer* 3D experience, NM Shroud research, etc. Our goal is make Turin Shroud available to all including the vision impaired.

3 thoughts on “Shroud Exhibit and Museum in New Mexico”

  1. There is no reaon not to believe the Shroud of Turin is a genuine burial shroud, it’s genuine of course; but whether it is the shroud of Our Lord Jesus Christ is the difficult question. The Romans crucified many in exactly the same way and treatment as Our Lord Jesus Christ. So how are we going to know for sure, we can’t. Many artifacts were obtained by the crusaders and much of these have later been considered as fakes. There is however a very good chance the real shroud was kept by our Blessed Mother Mary, and may still exist, somewhere in Turkey.

  2. Problem is, George, the only one known to have been wounded in the head during the crucifixion is Jesus. There simply is no other record of anyone else who was crucified being wounded in this way. I think its obviously clear that this is authentic and it is indeed the Shroud that wrapped Jesus’ body in death and resurrection.

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