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A Review: The Fallacy of God: A Religious Conspiracy

Over at Amazon, I just published a brief review for David Sullivan’s newest book, The Fallacy of God: A Religious Conspiracy. The only other review is by someone named Laptop Doctor who has published one glowing review for each of Sullivan’s books.

If you want to see what Sullivan is like (pictured here pretending to dress like a priest), view this brief YouTube video over at Better than a Saturday Night Live Skit.

Here is what I wrote over at Amazon:

I reviewed the chapter on the Shroud of Turin, a subject I am familiar with. The writing is a mixture of illogical arguments, confused facts and ridiculous claims. One paragraph selected as a fairly representative example illustrates this. Sullivan writes: "If Jesus was resurrected from the dead, and that process (miracle) somehow placed the image onto the shroud; then why when Jesus raised Lazarus from his tomb, or when He resurrected Jairus’ daughter from her bed, do we not find evidence of similar miracles? Jesus’ body was of the flesh, just as they, so whatever force that produced the image on the shroud should have had the same effect on their wrappings. . . ."

What? We don’t have their wrappings to examine. Oh, yes, about a thousand years ago, the church in Byzantium claimed to have Lazarus’ burial wrappings. But those disappeared long ago and, of course, there would be no way to verify that they are real relics. This sort of complete lack of logic and confusion about factual content fills every page of this book.

I do not recommend this book. The Fallacy of God: A Religious Conspiracy (9781460941317): David Sullivan: Books

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