imageimagePhillip Wiebe and John Iannone will be giving multiple talks at St. Ann’s Church, 33333 Mayfair Avenue in Abbotsford, BC. See the PDF event brochure for full information, including Exhibit and Lecture times.

The answers of science and history are explored in this exhibit on the history, significance and scientific aspects of the Shroud of Turin, widely believed to be the authentic burial cloth of Jesus. “The Man of the Shroud” exhibit consists of an actual size digital photograph of the Shroud, printed on linen, & mounted as the Shroud was displayed in Turn, 2010; 29 professionally prepared documentary museum boards; a collection of recreated artifacts of Christ’s Passion. The exhibit is offered together with a lecture series featuring world leading authorities in Sindonology (The Study of the Shroud). It also will be of special interest to non-Catholics and non-believers. Focusing on historical and documentary evidence and realities, it brings participants to ask the question, “Who is the Man of the Shroud”?

More Information: Man of the Shroud Exhibit – April 13-18th