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The Ghost of Paul Harvey and Russ Breault

imageNice, I thought. Well written article on the Shroud of Turin posted yesterday, March 1, in a blog called Crown Towers. I agree with most of the details and in the main, completely. But wait . . . the reference to Paul Harvey and the “rest of the story,” sounds familiar. This whole paragraph does.

Is the Shroud medieval? Not a chance. As long as we keep pretending the carbon date is somehow accurate despite the bad sample, we will continue to look for the alleged medieval artist who created it. If you are looking for the artist, start looking in the sixth century. However, don’t look too hard because there is evidence that takes it to the third century too. Does it go all the way back to first century? Only if you believe in legends-but every legend has a kernel of truth. Now you know the rest of the story. I think Paul Harvey is smiling.

Come to think of it, the whole article seems familiar. Yes! This is an article by Russ Breault written back in 2009. He published it in Ezine Articles. So what did they do over at the Crown Towers blog. The plagiarized the article, word for word. There is no mention of the author, his credentials or links.  Crown Towers is not the only site to do this. So did a site called Nebraska Dating. Apparently they thought someone was dating someone named carbon.

Now you have the rest of the story.

Go read the article at Ezine Articles. It is worth reading.

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