imageNautiusmaxi is unhappy with what I posted regarding The Urantia Book and the Shroud of Turin:

Hey, I have a great idea, why don’t you actually read what the Urantia Book says about the burial cloth of Jesus then you might actually make the connection. You can find the book for free on numerous websites and scanning the table of contents will lead you to the information. When you mention Darwin you’re showing your ignorance as humans were not addressed in the Origin of the Species. So before you trash a book you’ve never read, and insult people who just might be on your side; perhaps you can give it just a little bit of thought. By the way, scientist recently determined that humans have been in Britian for 900,000 years–do you want to guess where I read that thirty years ago?

First of all, it is not my intent to trash a book or insult people. I have no problem with whatever you choose to believe. That is just as true if you are a follower of Urantia Book, an Atheist or a member of any number of religions and religious cults with which I disagree. If you publish and promote on the internet, then I am entitled to criticize in the same venue.

Nautiusmaxi pointedly said, why “insult people who just might be on your side.”

It’s not about sides. It is about truth and if the truth is ultimately that I was wrong and the shroud is a fake, then that is the side I’m on.

I did some basic research into the UB (I’m not about to go read the book right now). In an earlier posting I quoted from a report at Urantia News called Verifying History and Science in The Urantia Book:

The Urantia Book says the angels performed a time-accelerated elemental disintegration of Jesus’ body and this has intriguing correlations with the image found on the Shroud of Turin. It says that Jesus’ resurrected body was like that of angels and that his physical body still lay in the tomb after the resurrection and that the angels were given permission, upon request of an archangel, to cause the accelerated dissolution of his physical remains. This permission was requested and granted so that they would not have to witness the decay of his body. The correlations have primarily to do with the superficial nature of the image and current theories about corona discharge and nuclear medicine imaging . Additionally, there are intriguing correlations related to the Sudarium of Oviedo, a face napkin said to have covered Jesus’ face as part of the burial process.

At the time I posted that, I wrote:

Folks, you are free to have and hold any opinion, religious belief, anti-religious belief, theory, hypothesis, etc. But when it comes to the Shroud of Turin we need to deal with facts, proper science and objective history.

A book of revelations or legends that only emerged in the earliest part of the 20th century with no known author or provenance is not proper science or objective history.

Nautiusmaxi also wrote of me, “When you mention Darwin you’re showing your ignorance as humans were not addressed in the Origin of the Species.”

Good grief.  I had quoted from Wikipedia:

imageAccording to The Urantia Book, multi-colored human races originated suddenly in one generation and in one family, producing brothers and sisters that variously turned blue, yellow, red, green, orange, and indigo when exposed to sunlight. Their offspring subsequently favored the parent color. Later, Adam and Eve produced a violet race. In the book’s account, the blue, yellow, and red races were considered “primary”, and the green, orange, and indigo “secondary”. The green and orange races were driven to extinction, and the rest mixed over time.

I wrote: “I bet Darwin missed that.” He did. He should have addressed humans, by-the-way.