Hat tip to Joe Marino; this from the New York Post:

imageTime, looking to periodically poke its aging readership awake, has long been in the habit of splashing its cover with speculation about aliens, JFK and the Shroud of Turin. This week, it’s about the year 2045, which the magazine alternately describes as "the year man becomes immortal," "a rupture in the fabric of human history" and "the end of human civilization as we know it." Turns out we’re talking about the year when computers are expected to become more intelligent than human beings. Could be a legitimate and interesting subject, but the breathless fulminating of the article left us wondering whether the author and his sources were simply kooks. We look forward to a real discussion.

Recall Frank Tipler’s The Physics of Christianity. We discussed it in Thoughts for a Sunday Morning: Tinfoil Hats, one of the all time best read postings in this blog. Recall that Tipler is a professor of Mathematical Physics at Tulane University, a theoretical physicist, a quantum cosmologist. But . . .! In his newest book, The Physics of Christianity, he suggests that the Shroud of Turin is the key for figuring out how to save the universe from ultimate collapse so that brilliant minds can build and sustain a computer simulation of our past lives, including consciousness and free will, thereby giving us immortality. Heaven is a virtual reality.