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NASA scientist to give talk on the Shroud of Turin at Wells Anglican Cathedral this Easter

If you will be in England during the last half of April, you will want to make it to Somerset (3 hours east of London) to see The Mystery of the Shroud – an Exhibition for Easter, to be held in the Chapter House at Wells Anglican Cathedral from April 16 to 28. Former NASA scientist Ed Prior will be giving two talks in the Wells Museum. The first will be on Joseph of Arimathea, on April 20, and on second on the Shroud of Turin on April 22. 

Historian Juliet Faith, who organized the exhibit, is quoted as saying:

I am absolutely delighted and most grateful that the Dean and Chapter have agreed to hosting this exhibition, which will give people an insight into probably the most remarkable artefact of all time.

The shroud is a 14ft long piece of bloodstained linen cloth, bearing the shadowy imprint both front and back, of a bearded, crucified man, laid out in death.

It is without doubt the most studied artefact on the planet, but still science cannot tell us how it came to be.

Many believe that the shroud is the evidence for the resurrection of Jesus. In modern times controversy has raged around it, both in the church and scientific world.

In the 1980s a carbon 14 dating suggested that the shroud was a medieval forgery, but recent findings have shown that the carbon 14 dating was flawed.

New and startling discoveries point to the fact that the shroud may indeed date to the 1st century: and so the mystery deepens.

It would not have been possible for me to put on this exhibition without the help of Barrie Schwartz and Pam Moon.

Barrie Schwartz was the last person allowed to photograph the shroud in the 1970s when he was part of the 1970s’ Shroud of Turin research project. This was the only time that the Vatican have allowed scientists unrestricted access to the cloth.

The incredible images in the exhibition are all photographs taken by Barrie, and will also include a full size reproduction of the shroud printed on cotton, as well as artifacts such as Roman crucifixion nails.

Pam, who is a vicar’s wife, will be bringing the exhibition to Wells from her parish near Birmingham.

The exhibition is for believers and non-believers alike, look at the images, read the information. Stop and think. Look into your heart. Then decide for yourself.

Full article: A former NASA scientist who has studied the Turin Shroud will be revealing compelling evidence about its provenance in mid-Somerset this Easter.

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