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Did Jesus Exist?

Mark Shea, as always, doesn’t disappoint us in this treatment of the persistent silly question: Did Jesus Exist? Writing in the National Catholic Register, he suggests:

For a good treatment of this silly fad among New Atheists and their socially inept acolytes (who do not understand normal social and affective cues and who therefore can’t conceive of how normal people function in their normal social and emotional interactions: thus blocking them from realizing how absurd this theory is on its face), I suggest this fine series by James Hannam here, here, here, and here.

He also gives us a fantastic example of how conspiracy theory works.

The problem with the ridiculous theorizing behind the Jesus Myth is that you can use it to “prove” that JFK never existed. . . .

If you read nothing else in this article read the full paragraph from which this last sentence was taken. But the article isn’t long. Two more sips of coffee is enough to read the whole article: Did Jesus Exist?

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