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Is the Shroud the very first photo negative?

imageCarmen Tomé in her blog Utterings writes:

Being a photographer it has come back to my remembrance a seminar I took in at Trinity Western University a few years ago. It was on the Shroud of Turin. Quite by chance a couple days ago, at Starbucks, I bumped into the professor, Dr. Phillip Wiebe, who teaches this at Trinity Western. I asked if I might photograph the copy of the shroud he has and graciously  he said yes. I went to his office and took in the lifesize replicas of the shroud. The front and the back. Goosebumps. Astonishing. And fascinating thinking that it may be the oldest and first negative ever in all of history.

I include here the simple shots I took of it (below the the fold, the read more). . . .

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