imagePZ Myers in Pharyngula:

Once again, I have proven my ability to drive people into a frothing rage against me. Only this time it isn’t a mob of religious fanatics and anti-choicers who have called me pond scum who will go to hell, an insect souled vile man, a black-souled amoral monster, pure evil, morally depraved, with a depraved mind, descend[ing] down the various stages into madness, and so forth…but I have this time managed to antagonize a bunch of atheists. Feel my pain.

You remember PZ, the college professor who publically and intentionally desecrated a stolen consecrated communion wafer, which he called an *expletive* cracker. You remember that he nailed it to a page of the Quran, which he then threw in the trash with coffee grounds. And he photographed this act and posted pictures on the internet, all to make a point.

Yeah, that was the act of a mature person, a mature college professor, no less.  Yeah, right!

So what is this posting about from which we draw out this quote? It’s a pretty interesting perspective on the factions in modern Atheism, as PZ sees it.  PZ does a good job writing about evolutionary biology. No problem there. But when he starts on religion, including Atheism, we notice, as that quote above makes clear, it’s all about being the center of attention. Thank goodness he is not an Anglican or a Catholic or some other kind of Christian.