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Tin Hat Warning

I have heard from Dr. Andrew Silverman about the insane summary of what he said . . . that “the Shroud of Turin contains compelling evidence of a human who transformed into pure energy and ascended back into the Godverse—an attainment defying the soul snatchers’ grand scheme to genetically harness soul migration.”

He tells me:

You are right that Randy Maugens did misunderstand what I had said. Anyone who listens to the interview will see that.

Okay, I agree. But, read more (below the fold). Craziness about aliens and UFOs and many other lunacies can have a devastating effect on the credibility of Shroud of Turin science.  As I wrote earlier, as the Shroud of Turin gains credibility from responsible scientific and historical research, it unfortunately attracts many nutcase theories. This is unfortunate because an unwary internet public might think that people who believe the Shroud is genuine buy into this crap.

Dr. Silverman is closely associated with this pure nuttiness. Look at the authors below:

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