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The Designing Catholic Wife of an Anglican Bishop

Independent Catholic News is reporting:

The Rt Rev Peter Fox, honorary assistant bishop in the Anglican diocese of Norwich, will join half a dozen fellow ministers for Clergy of the Catwalk, a special presentation of clerical clothing at the East of England Christian Resources Exhibition, (Thursday 24 February, 12.30pm, Exec Peterborough).

Among a variety of items, Peter will wear a green cope with a Tree of Life design on the back, with matching mitre made by his seamstress wife, Angie, who is a Catholic.

"Design ideas usually come to me during worship," she explained. "I wouldn’t like to admit how much designing goes on during my husband’s sermons."

May we all hope that this does not spread to America, the rest of Europe or anywhere else. If you must, read the rest of the story at Clergy on the catwalk: Bishop to model wife’s designs on Independent Catholic News

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