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Evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection in the Shroud of Turin?

Good article by Cris Putnam over at Logos Aologia: Is The Shroud of Turin Evidence For Jesus’ Resurrection?

I just listened to a lecture by Dr. Gary Habermas at the EPS apologetics conference, and according to Gary it turns out there is very strong evidence in favor the Shroud’s authenticity. . . . As usual, skeptics have written it off as a hoax, which is understandable.  In fact, I had discounted it as a forgery like so many other “relics” the medieval church attempted to pass off.  Mainly because there was a carbon 14 test in the 1980s that dated it to the Middle Ages. So you would think that would be the end of it…

. . . The image on the Shroud of Turin has not been explained by science and appears to be holographic in nature according to particle physicists who have examined the image. Far from being painted on the cloth , there is no other image like it in the world. It appears to be burned into the very top layer of the fibers similar to (but not identical to) radiation. The holographic nature strongly controverts ancient forgery methods, could it be that it evidences Jesus’ miraculous transformation from death to life?

I like the gist of the last paragraph even though I would refrain from calling it holographic or appearing to be burned in. But yes, the 3D encoding (height field data) of the image is unexplained by science and controverts ancient forgery.

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