The Shroud of Turin and The New Testament

imageThe blogger of dreams and phase transitions: Thoughts on reality’s strange edge finds the correspondence of the Shroud to the New Testament puzzling:

One thing that puzzles me is that the body and the wounds on it correspond exactly to the Jesus we read of in the New Testament.  I find it hard to believe that the oral reports, which turned into familiar stories passed down a generation or two, would have remembered every detail of the condition of the body, so that the shroud and the New Testament fit together like a lock and key.  That’s the sort of thing that you would think could only come about through intention, right?

So do I. But I hadn’t given it much thought or thought of it this way.

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3 thoughts on “The Shroud of Turin and The New Testament”

  1. I can prove The Shroud of Turin is a fake, with no scientific tests, or even seeing it in person… Carbon dating, positive image, negative image, 3D image etc, ..etc… Everyone is so compelled to do all this testing that it seems everyone is missing the completely obvious… I can’t believe no one has brought this up ever before …

    Look at it… it looks like the front image of a person joined to the back image of a person… A 2 dimensional cardboard cutout of a person…. As the cloth looks like it wraps a body front and back joined at the top of the head… The top of the forehead is joined to the image of the back of the head. Fine if you’re a 2D cardboard cutout.. But a real human being has a head that is 6 to 8 inches in depth.. There should be a strip of cloth at the top of the image that shows the approximately 6 inches of skull depth between the front and back of the head.. Yet the shroud looks like a perfect picture of the front of a man joined to the image of the back of a man.. But no distortion for the forehead drop, no travel for the top depth of the head. Take a piece of paper & wrap it over the top of your head, trace your eyes & forehead & then trace the back of your head… Now that doesn’t look like the top of The Shroud does it ? Anyone with a piece of paper and a crayon can see what i mean in about 20 seconds..

    1. Actually, this point is raised often. It stems mostly from not measuring correctly. There is about six inches distance. The is a careful study of the exact layout of the body and body dimensions by Professor Giulio Fanti of the University of Padua that addresses this. You can find the scientific paper at

    2. I don’t know exactly what your talking about here or what you see, but any close examination of the image clearly shows a gap between front and dorsal head images.A gap of approx 6-8 inches.It’s pretty clear!! Also there is no image in that area as no body side images show anywhere on the cloth.Whatever mechanism casued the image seemed to follow gravitational lines, vertically only.

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