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More on New Conference Proceedings: International Workshop on the Scientific approach to the Acheiropoietos Images

Paolo Di Lazzaro, the chair and proceedings editor, was kind enough to send me the full title page and table of contents, reproduced here (with some minor formatting tweaks to accommodate the blog’s peculiarities). Click here for the abstract, cover photo and a link for ordering.

A quick glance at the contents (topics and the presenters) should convince every serious Shroud of Turin scholar that this is a must. Click Here to Order.

Congratulations are in order to Paolo and everyone who assisted him. And a special thanks is in order to all those who took the time to prepare and offer presentations. It is good to see in the list so many friends and members of the Shroud Science Group.

of the
IWSAI 2010
International Workshop on the Scientific approach to the Acheiropoietos Images
Paolo Di Lazzaro
Chair / Editor
4 – 6 May 2010
Frascati, Italy
Organized by
Italian National Agency for New Technologies,
Energy and Sustainable Economic Development

vi Conference Committee
vii Foreword
ix Letter by B. Schwortz
x Verse

3 Sub-micrometer coloration depth of linens by vacuum ultraviolet radiation. (Invited paper)
— P. Di Lazzaro, D. Murra, A. Santoni, G. Baldacchini
11 Shroud-like experimental image formation during natural electrostatic discharges.
— G. de Liso
19 A scientific comparison between the Turin Shroud and the first handmade whole copy.
— T. Heimburger, G. Fanti
31 Sight and brain: an introduction to the visually misleading images.
— D. Murra, P. Di Lazzaro
35 Construction of a quantitative image of the Turin Shroud for details recognition.
— G. Fanti, C. Privitera
47 New image processing of the Turin Shroud scourge marks.
— B. Faccini, G. Fanti
55 ShroudScope, a web tool to analyze high-resolution photographs of the Shroud of Turin.
— M. Latendresse
63 Dislocations in plant fibers and in Turin Shroud fibers.
— L.G. Thygesen
67 List of evidences of the Turin Shroud.
— G. Fanti, J.A. Botella, F. Crosilla, F. Lattarulo, N. Svensson, R. Schneider, A. Whanger
79 Akeldama repudiation of Turin Shroud omits evidence from the Judean Desert.
— (Invited paper) D. Fulbright
87 Documenting the Shroud missing years. (Invited paper)
— D. Scavone
95 The “missing years” of the holy Shroud.
— A. Piana
103 Were sixth-century natural disasters factors in the transfer of relics from Palestine?
— D. Fulbright
111 Edessan sources for the legend of the holy Grail.
— D. Scavone
117 An unknown hideaway of the holy Shroud?
— A. Piana
123 Two unpublished letters of Secondo Pia about the 1898 Shroud photography.
— R. Falcinelli
129 Did Jesus give his Shroud to the servant of Peter?
— D. Fulbright
133 Why Jesus did not bring the patibulum but the whole cross.
— C.M. Glori
139 The promise (and threat) of the Shroud. (Invited paper)
— P.H. Wiebe
147 The brightest light of all.
— A. Silverman, N. Kerner
155 The copies of the Shroud.
— E. Marinelli, M. Marinelli
161 Crux mensuralis of Grottaferrata and Shroud of Turin.
— G. Baldacchini, F. Baldacchini, L. Casarosa, G. Falcone
171 The Sudarium of Oviedo and the Shroud of Turin. A question of authenticity. (Invited paper)
— J.L. Fernandez Sanchez
181 Medical and forensic aspects of the man depicted on the Shroud of Turin. (Invited paper)
— N. Svensson
187 A medical study of the surface anatomy of the image and a medical forensic evaluation of the
blood marks of the Shroud of Turin in relation to image formation.
— G. Lavoie
197 The Tilma of Guadalupe. (Invited paper)
— J.C. Espriella Godinez
203 The concept of acheiropoietos, the icons of the likeness of Christ and the Veil of Manoppello.
— H. Pfeiffer
209 Properties of byssal threads and the chemical nature of colors of the Veil of Manoppello.
— J.S. Jaworski
217 The face on the Shroud and on the Veil of Manoppello.
— A. Resch
227 The face of Manoppello and the veil of Veronica: new studies.
— R. Falcinelli
239 Can contamination be detected on the Shroud to explain its 1988 dating? (Keynote lecture)
— M. Antonacci
249 A robust statistical analysis of the 1988 Turin Shroud radiocarbon dating results.
— (Invited paper) G. Fanti, F. Crosilla, M. Riani, A.C. Atkinson
255 Production of radiocarbon by neutron radiation on linen.
— A.C. Lind, M. Antonacci, G. Fanti, D. Elmore, J.M. Guthrie
263 Two archaeometric methods for cellulosic textile finds using enzymatic test.
— L. Campanella
267 A critical review of the radiocarbon dating of the Shroud of Turin. ANOVA – a useful
method to evaluate sets of high precision AMS radiocarbon measurements.
— R. Van Haelst

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