Turin Shroud Madness?

Dr. Jim West in Zwinglius Redivivus issues a Loon Alert on Chidambaram Ramesh’s new book “Shroud of Turin: An Imprint of the Soul, Apparition, or Quantum Bio-Hologram.”

And this one’s loonier than most.  Though quantifying insanity is a dicey matter.

He is probably right. The book title alone may do more damage to the credibility of Shroud of Turin studies than most skeptics have in a long while. I haven’t read the book yet, so we will need to see. Put I’ve posted some of my reservations in the blog. As soon as I read the book, I’ll comment more.

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4 thoughts on “Turin Shroud Madness?”

  1. When I first saw the ‘loon alert’ posted Dr. Jim West in Zwinglius Redivivus on my book “The Shroud of Turin: An Imprint of the Soul, Apparition or Quantum Bio-Hologram”, and your endorsement to it, I was a little surprised. How the people like you take the liberty to comment on a book which you know only by its title and not its contents, I wondered.
    Still, I consider I am obliged to make my point more clearly and invite constructive criticism and healthy discussion on my book rather than these preconceived destructive comments.
    First of all, let me put forth the following:

    1. The quantum bio-holographic concept perhaps will seem a ridiculous story to those who read only the title of books; but those who desire may see this truth confirmed if they have recourse to the works of David Bohm (Wholeness and the Implicate Order), Mae-Wan Ho (The Rainbow and the Worm, The Physics of Organisms), László (The interconnected universe: conceptual foundations of transdisciplinary unified theory) Loocke (The physical nature of consciousness), Dr.Mitchell (Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram and What is Consciousness? An essay on the relativistic quantum hologrphic model of the brain/mind, working by phase conjugate adaptive resonance ), Dr.Sue Benford (Empirical Evidence Supporting Macro-scale quantum holography in non-local effcts) and so on.
    2. A couple of decades back, Dr.Jackson proposed that ‘the body of the Man in the Shroud became mechanically transparent to its physical surroundings; it emitted radiation from all points within and on the surface of the body. This radiation interacted with the cloth as it fell into the mechanically transparent body thereby forming the body image on the Shroud”. How could a human body become mechanically transparent to its physical surroundings? It is only a bio-hologram, my book explains.
    3. My book is not of the nature of a scientific fiction. Rather, it provides concrete evidences to support the theory that organisms, even after their physical death, are capable of manifesting their body contour in its entirety. I have included experimental/observational facts as recorded by men of such high philosophical equipment and analytical ability like Arthanus Kircher, Isaac Disraeli, Sir Thomas Browne, Ebenezer Sibly, Friedrich Christoph Oetinger, Carl Linnaeus, Sir Kenelme Digby – to name a few. On the scientific front, the latest findings of morphogenetic fields (morphic fields as advocated by Rupert Sheldrake), DNA-Phantom effect by Peter Gariaev group in Russia (the findings have demonstrated beyond doubt that the DNA when irradiated with ordinary light generates weak images and is able to form 3-D holographic images of both the bio-structures which make up the organism and of the organism as a whole), Holographic transmission of bio-information as demonstrated by Mae-won, V.Budakovski of Russia, etc.
    4. Finally, I have made a detailed comparison of the Shroud image with that of a quantum holographic imprint. Both exhibit light-reversal (photographic negativity), encoding of depth-information, non-directionality, uniformity, optimal viewing distance, Half-tone effect, dehydration of linen fibres due to moderate (not a violent) radiation, double-superficiality etc. If all the unique characteristics of the Shroud image can be satisfactorily explained by one hypothesis alone, must not that solution found on some grains of truth?
    Last but not the least, the theory of quantum bio-hologram never contradicts the Christian dualistic dogma of mortal body and immortal soul. The biblical faith of resurrection might outwardly seem to foreshadow physical resuscitation of the material body in ‘flesh and blood’. Jesus Christ Himself has told us that after the resurrection, men shall be like angels, that is to say, they will have immortal bodies, incorruptible, light and luminous without however, losing their corporeal qualities, such as was the body of Jesus Christ after His Resurrection. When the apostle John attempted to touch the body of Christ, found no hardness of flesh, and met with no resistance from it; although he thrust his hand into the inner part of it. The characteristics of the spiritual body viz., the whole will see, the whole will hear, the whole serve as hands and the whole as feet, indubitably refers to the ‘holistic property’ of a bio-hologram. The transparent qualities of the resurrected body, its ability to pass through solid objections, phantom look-alike and luminousness explicitly refers to a bio-holographic image.

    The contents of my book run into about 55,000 words. You can hardly make a correct presumption its contents from its title, nor can I be able to explain everything here. I have sent you a copy of the book. I hope it will convince you.

  2. Mr Ramesh’s summary is excellent, and what he says is probably far
    closer to the truth about the Turin Shroud than anyone has so far come.
    It is no use at all trying to criticise Mr Ramesh’s ideas unless one
    is familiar with the interpretations of the new physics. Many such critics
    probably know little of physics and care less.
    This is of crucial importance. Evidence is stacking up that the Shroud
    of Turin is genuine. Taking apart the religious aspect, it looks like
    a physical proof of the existence of consciousness outside of the brain.
    A lot of people wouldn’t like that.
    This is one book that I would love to read.

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