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Current Physical Chemistry and the Shroud of Turin

Boring? Boring, perhaps, to anyone but a chemist? Well, maybe not. This is a list of upcoming special issues of Current Physical Chemistry, a leading STM* journal from Bentham Science Publishers. But catch the second special issue in the list. And by all means, read the Aims and Scope below. The shroud is getting more and more attention in scientific journals. I don’t think it is so much because of what we know but because of what we don’t know.

  1. Self-assembly in organic/inorganic hybrid materials
  2. The Physical Chemistry of the Shroud of Turin
  3. Conducting Polymers
  4. Organic/Inorganic hybrid photofunctional materials of photochromic dyes and chiral metal complexes
  5. Quantum Nanobiology and Biophysical Chemistry
  6. Biomolecular Simulations and Applications
  7. Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology for DNA detection
  8. New Trends in Photophysics
  9. Protein Folding Dynamics
  10. Advanced Microporous and Mesoporous Materials

Here is some more information  from Bentham Science about the future Shroud of Turin issue:

Aims & Scope:

The Turin Shroud is by far the most studied “acheiropoietos” (literally: not made by human hands) object in the world but also one of the most controversial. Though some characteristics of the double body image -such as its 3-D outline, negativity and superficiality are well known- other just as important characteristics are not.

For the moment it seems impossible to reproduce all these characteristics together in fact many questions involving the procedures of image formation are still awaiting satisfactory answers.

The radiocarbon dating measurements carried out in 1988 apparently demonstrated that the Shroud dates from the Middle Ages, but recent statistical work has seriously challenged the accuracy of that result showing an important contamination of the linen fabric.

This and other physical and chemical aspects are the backdrop underpinning the aims and scope of the present Special Issue, and it is hoped that it will prove as a useful forum to shed some light on some of the mysteries which still hamper our knowledge of the formation and age of the Shroud.

Keywords: Turin Shroud, image formation, hypotheses, radiocarbon dating, sample contamination, physico-chemical tests.


• New scientific data
• Body image formation hypotheses
• Image characteristics
• Image processing
• Novel tools of analysis
• Radiocarbon dating and other physico-chemical dating methods
• Restoration and conservation issues
• Historical aspects and comparison with other acheiropoietos images
• Forensic views
• Proposals for new physico-chemical tests

Submission deadline for Authors: April 2011, Professor Giulio Fanti (Guest Editor)

BSP :: Current Physical Chemistry

*STM means Scientific, Technical and Medical journal by and for scholars.

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