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PZ Myers is a Fundy

Laura writes:

Sullivan is right. From what I have seen of his attention seeking stunts and blog posts, he lives by “the assertion that it is religion and that he therefore knows all he needs to know about it.”  That is pure fundamentalism, no less extreme and no less open to evidence than someone who believes the earth was formed 6000 years ago.  Myers is a Fundy.

BTW: I disagree with you on capitalizing atheism. Would you say someone is a Doubter or an Environmentalist?

Well. Laura, would you say he is a democrat or a republican? When is a noun a proper noun? I class all religious beliefs as proper pronouns. Atheism, despite how strenuously some Atheists deny it, is a belief about religion; non-belief to all except those incapable of logic is belief. Out of respect, I include Atheists, Buddhists, Christians, Wiccans, etc. Environmentalists? Maybe Tree Huggers, anyways.

Laura, you capitalized Fundy but not Fundamentalism. What gives?

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