image Professor Ben Witherington, a prominent American evangelical Biblical scholar, has prepared a three-part (at least three so far) series of posts on the the Cadet Chapel at the Air Force Academy . . .  

spectacular . . . actually four chapels in one.  The main floor houses the Protestant Chapel, while down below there is a Catholic Chapel and a Jewish Chapel (synagogue?) and a Buddhist chapel (?). Note no mosque here.

It is the Catholic chapel (part two) that caught my attention:

necessarily more like a grotto chapel with a flat roof, since it is beneath the Protestant Chapel.  Its acoustics are far better than the Protestant Chapel, and it has a spectacular mosaic altar wall, and very unique representations of the stations of the cross, as you will see.

As you must see. Wonderful pictures.

What especially caught my attention was the last photograph:

What you see in the back of this shot is the famous holographic 3-D image of the image on the Shroud of Turin.

Well, not exactly holographic (ala Petrus Soons questionable results). But definitely 3D, definitely based on the 3D data in the Shroud’s image.

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