A reader writes:

Are you stupid? Why are you posting this stuff. Quantum holograms? The belief that organisms are a form of hologram which is part of a universal hologram for all of space and time. Just ask anyone who was kidnapped and taken aboard an alien space ship. They will tell you all about it.

I think I made my point. I’m from Missouri. Show me. Until then I am suspicious about Petrus Soons’ 3D work on the Shroud of Turin and I am dubious, more than you can imagine, about quantum holograms. But I’m also in the business of telling people to keep an open mind. I’ll look at his book. Then I’ll say more.

Why am I posting this stuff? Chidambaram Ramesh is a “Guinness World Record holder for having had the largest number of letters to the editor published in a single national newspaper in a year.” Whi is is counting? We will hear plenty from him if he is such a letter writer.  It is better to not simply react after the fact. He wrote to me in a public sort of way through comments. I posted his reply. Now it is being discussed.