One reader points out that the Shroud of Turin is a fake because of the information on a particular website of rambling interpretations from scripture by Petri Paavola from Finland.

    • The word of God teaches that nakedness is shameful, because exposing of nakedness is shameful. According to radiation theory God would "scanned, photograped" the naked body of Jesus from the front and backside. God couldn’t break His word and bring forth nakedness of Jesus that the whole world would see it.
    • We must remember that Jesus was behind this teaching about short hairs of men and that long hairs are shame. The Lord Jesus was the Jewish man, and He surely had short hairs.

      Defenders of the shroud of Turin say that Biblical short hairs mean hairs that reach to shoulders. This is not true. Bible time Jews had very short hairs.

If you need proof, here are three pictures of Biblical characters by a modern artist. They have short hair. This site goes on and on with rambling stuff.

Here is the site:  The Shroud of Turin is not the image of Jesus Christ