From TV Guide:

When Ryan Murphy was an altar boy, he was obsessed with the Shroud of Turin, a centuries-old piece of cloth said to bear the face of Jesus. On Tuesday’s episode of Glee, Finn will see God in his grilled cheese sandwich. (He proceeds to ask the "Cheesy Lord" to grant him three wishes.)

. . . As for Murphy’s own beliefs? "I do believe in God," he says. "I think religion gave me great structure and discipline and order… The older I get the more I feel like God Is a collective good. I think that’s what the episode is saying. That’s what all these kids are desperately trying to find in their lives."

Part of what he calls the gift of Glee is its ability to start a dialogue among young viewers. "I wish there had been something to launch conversations about feelings and emotions in my household when I was younger," he says. "When the show is at its best, that is what I think we’re doing."

. . . Murphy says the writers wanted to address religion in a "socially responsible" way.

Sounds cheesy.