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Interesting Quote by Keith A. Lehman

Myth Blaster Verdict: Overall, undetermined, but so far undisputedly authentic as the following will explain. Personal research shows that there is more accurate information that proves the Shroud’s authenticity than those who have been trying to disapprove it; and because of this, I believe it is up to the skeptics to disapprove the authenticity because those who have investigated the Shroud through the scientific process should not have to prove anything further. The fact that the Shroud is an natural image of a crucifixion victim is without question – the only question that may remain by skeptics is if it is truly the Jesus of Nazareth that changed the western world, inspired a new religion that developed into the most powerful Church organization in world history.

— Keith A. Lehman, Myth Blaster Blog. Light House Patriot Journal

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