ABC News: Good Morning America on History Channel’s Shroud of Turin special

imageGREAT INTERVIEW: Click here for Good Morning American five-minute segment on the Face of Jesus.

Using cutting-edge technology on the famed Shroud of Turin, a team of computer artists has uncovered what they say may be a portrait of the true face of Jesus.

The History Channel will reveal the image — and the painstaking and technical process of finding it — tonight at 9 p.m. ET in the special "The Real Face of Jesus?"

Viewers should be prepared: The results achieved through the convergence of science and religion doesn’t resemble the popularized images of Jesus

Story by THEA TRACHTENBERG and SUZAN CLARKE for ABC News Good Morning America

2 thoughts on “ABC News: Good Morning America on History Channel’s Shroud of Turin special”

  1. Hi

    Finally got to see your face & voice in action too when it replayed here in Australia. Interesting looking documentary – the comments at Alan Boyle’s MSNBC blog made me wonder if people would ever just look at the data. Atheists do nothing for their cause by bleating how JC was mythical or similar tripe. And the number who got reiterated a sadly ignorant line about JC not being Caucasian. Semites aren’t Caucasian? News to me and anthropologists everywhere.

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