The Real Face of Jesus DVD’s

image The History Channel will be shipping DVDs of The Real Face of Jesus beginning April 5, 2010.  The price is $24.95. Click here to order.

Please note that the format is Region 1. Here is a link that should work:

A Good Review

Yellow Dog Patrol tells us in a posting, “History Channel and The Shroud of Turin: The Face of Jesus:"

image The History Channel had an unbelievably fascinating special on the Shroud of Turin last night. 

I’ve always marveled at the Shroud and what it could potentially mean, however with the Carbon-14 dating done some years back, I’ve been less enamored. This special changed all that for me.

The biggest findings for me were that:

  • For multiple reasons, the Carbon-14 test was very likely flawed
  • All of the best scientist still have no idea on how the image got there. It definitely was not printed or painted, and our current technology can’t replicate anything like it.
  • The wounds of Jesus on the Shroud are remarkably detailed, and remarkably consistent with the crucifixion stories.

The show airs again on Saturday night. For believers and skeptics alike, I strongly encourage you to watch.

First Reaction: History Channel’s Shroud of Turin: The Real Face of Jesus

image Although I was interviewed for this documentary and included throughout the two hours, I never saw the production until it aired tonight. First reaction: Excellent. Best Shroud of Turin documentary ever produced.

If you missed it, check the History Channel listings for this week and make a point of seeing it.

ABC News: Good Morning America on History Channel’s Shroud of Turin special

imageGREAT INTERVIEW: Click here for Good Morning American five-minute segment on the Face of Jesus.

Using cutting-edge technology on the famed Shroud of Turin, a team of computer artists has uncovered what they say may be a portrait of the true face of Jesus.

The History Channel will reveal the image — and the painstaking and technical process of finding it — tonight at 9 p.m. ET in the special "The Real Face of Jesus?"

Viewers should be prepared: The results achieved through the convergence of science and religion doesn’t resemble the popularized images of Jesus

Story by THEA TRACHTENBERG and SUZAN CLARKE for ABC News Good Morning America

Argus Hamilton jokes about the Shroud of Turin on the History Channel


From Argus Hamilton’s column:

The Real Face of Jesus airs on the History Channel Tuesday. It employs encoded blood from the shroud of Turin to reconstruct Jesus’s face using computer imaging. The picture they released of Jesus makes him look half Jewish, which explains his mother’s side, and half English, which Episcopalians say explains his Father’s side. Argus Hamilton’s column for 3-30-10.

Faith or forensics? |

Here is how Kevin McDonough describes tonight’s Shroud of Turin special on History (previously the History Channel):

If you want to see “The Real Face of Jesus” (9 p.m., History, TV-PG), you must first take in a two-hour meditation on the history, legend and meaning of the controversial Shroud of Turin.

Experts follow the trail of ownership of the shroud over the centuries and discuss its popular following. Interest in the shroud shot up in the early part of this century when an Italian photographer took a snapshot of the cloth and discovered a clear vision of a Christ-like figure in his photo negative. Are shroud followers praying to an image? Or an image of an image?

That is a bad choice of words, those last two sentences. Followers? There are countless scholars and interested people who would describe themselves as just about anything other than a follower. And, I for one, and many others that I know, do not pray to an image.

“Face” meanders into interesting territory when some experts conjecture that the shroud itself might be a kind of cosmic photo negative and evidence of what one calls “a paranormal event.” The marks on the cloth are too faint to have been made by paint or human blood and may be residue from a supernatural blast of light. Proof, some say, of the resurrection.

The final 40 minutes are devoted to the techniques and equipment used to devise a three-dimensional model of the man once wrapped in the shroud. I’ve been asked not to discuss the final, revealed likeness, but I can safely reveal that he looks nothing like Jeffrey Hunter, star of the 1961 epic “King of Kings.”

Faith or forensics? |

History Channel Shroud of Turin Special

Here is a story from Fox News. The first ever 2–hour special on the Shroud airs March 30, 9:00pm ET/PT on History and History HD.

And here is the link at Fox News if the above YouTube does not work on your browser.