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New Video Featuring Russ Breault

May 29, 2014 1 comment

Russ Breault writes:

Here is a link to the first of two half-hour interview shows for Prophecy in the News.  The show can be seen on The Church Channel or on their website.  They posted this Youtube version today.

It was published yesterday. It runs for 28 minutes. Enjoy.

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Here is a too long one minute trailer

May 26, 2014 1 comment

imageMarty McKee from Virginia, perhaps because he was looking for something to do, had decided yesterday to write a review of the 1979 so-called documentary, In Search of the Historic Jesus. You can actually buy an old VHS tape while they last for $3.95. (Does old VHS tape dry out and crumble?) You can download the movie for more than that, if you don’t have a VHS player. Or you can skip the whole experience.  Marty seems to think you should.

Based in Park City, Utah, Sunn Classics produced and distributed big hits, such as THE LINCOLN CONSPIRACY (which posited that, among other things, John Wilkes Booth’s death was faked by anti-Reconstruction government forces) and IN SEARCH OF NOAH’S ARK. Certainly it was that movie’s success and the then-trendy Shroud of Turin controversy that spurred the production of 1980’s IN SEARCH OF HISTORIC JESUS, a corny, cheap-looking laugh riot that nonetheless earned big box office.

imageJohn Rubinstein (CRAZY LIKE A FOX) portrays Jesus wearing a comically fake beard, who looks to a cloudy blue sky to receive marching orders from God (voiced by Peter Mark Richman!). He wanders about, placing his hands on the faces of lepers (wearing atrocious makeup), which makes their faces glow with cartoon animation. He calls for the resurrected Lazarus, who emerges from a cave looking fresh as the morning dew. He walks on water and makes storms go away just by placing his palms together. After his crucifixion, he appears to his disciples in an animated starburst like a sitcom genie.

Brad Crandall, whose deep voice is instantly recognizable as the narrator of the studio’s trailers and films, hosts this “documentary” with pomposity, dressed alternately in a three-piece suit or V-neck sweater and showing off impressions of the Shroud of Turin in his wood-paneled library. His “evidence” consists of passing off gospel and random musings as fact. One “expert” claims Jesus’ corpse released a burst of radiation to scorch the Shroud. . . .

Here is a too long one minute trailer:

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Insanity Break: It is about the shroud or maybe, well I can’t be sure

May 24, 2014 1 comment
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Another Russ Breault Video

May 16, 2014 1 comment

Russ writes:

Here is another one I taped for Monday’s online update for Prophecy in the News:  

These were both taped for their website and Youtube channel.  Coming up in a couple weeks will be two 27 minute shows that will air primarily on the Church Channel.  They will also be on their website and Youtube channel. 

I will be speaking again at their conference in Colorado Springs planned for July 25-27.  I will be delivering two talks:  "Unholy Obsession–Hitler’s Quest to Steal the Shroud" and the second talk is called "The Shroud of Turin—God is in the Details". This presentation will cover many of the very nuanced details regarding the blood, physiology, image, art history, and historical clues that all suggest a medieval origin is untenable.


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Russ Breault on PITN YouTube Video

May 14, 2014 5 comments

This YouTube was uploaded to YouTube just five days ago. I don’t know when is was filmed.

The comments, a couple of which are shown below, are a bit different than what we see in this blog. PITN, by the way, stands for Prophesy in the News. HERE is their website (I’m not a fan).

Sample Comments:

Elihu Wygant wrote:

This video and it’s content have, to me, destroyed all credibility of PITN. Let me make sure I’m getting this right: you’re saying that the Shroud of Turin is the actual burial cloth of Jesus Christ?! . . . Please don’t tell me you’re taken in by this obvious hoax of the RCC….

Evangelist Roger Griffith wrote

Jesus Christ paid the price in full. Hallelujah to God”””” Amen, Acts 20:28, God did purchase the church with his own blood.”’

tommax26 said:

How wonderful if everyone who used to be sceptical of the validity of the Shroud would take another look at the amazing scientific facts revealed through the eyes of modern equipment.



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Discovery Promoting Shroud Video on Feature About Two New Saints

April 28, 2014 17 comments

imageInteresting that Discovery News is featuring this video, Shroud of Turin Goes Digital, in a sidebar to a featured story about John Paul II and John XXIII being declared saint

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Ray Schneider: Why is the carbon dating wrong? I don’t know. That it is wrong I am quite certain . . .

April 10, 2014 18 comments

Ray is up with a recommendation on his blog, Political Brambles:

Ray writes:

With Easter soon to come it’s appropriate to think about the Shroud of Turin and this video is hard to beat since it touches upon so many of the issues. . . .

. . . This video demonstrates the correspondence between the sudarium of Oviedo and the shroud which, in my mind at least, proves that the 1988 carbon date is wrong.  Why is it wrong?  I don’t know.  That it is wrong I am quite certain for the shroud duplicates blood stains that are on the sudarium of Oviedo which is much older than the shroud and so both cloths were in contact with the same body.

It is a good video, produced and directed by Reuben Aaronson for The Learning Channel. It runs for about 52 minutes.


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