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Barrie Schwortz on Catholic Radio Indy

July 29, 2015 6 comments

And While We Are Talking About Australians

July 29, 2015 8 comments

he actually looks so much like that of the Holy Image on the Shroud," the alleged letter
from the retired pontiff reads

A posting from September 2014: Tinfoil Hat Version of Face Matching

clip_image001[4]The Christian Post is even reporting this, so yes, they will print preposterous stories. But the only part of the headline that is new is the second part. I guess Golightly found a convert from California. It reads:

Australian Preacher Claims He’s Jesus Christ, Calls Pope Francis the ‘Anti-Christ': American Man Abandons Family, Sells Home to Live Down Under With Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall Who Says He Is Second Coming of Christ

The shroud is the proof. The story goes on:

A 71-year-old Australian preacher has recently been making news with claims that he is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ, by comparing his image to the face imprinted in the famous Shroud of Turin. The preacher reportedly convinced an American man to sell his home, abandon his family, and go follow him.

The preacher has also claimed that Pope Benedict XVI backed his case in a letter, but retired before making an official proclamation.

Daily Mail Australia reported on Monday that the preacher, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, who lives in Toogoom, Queensland, has for years been making the claim that he is Jesus, and has even shared the supposed letter where Pope Benedict admits of the resemblance between his face and the Shroud of Turin imprint.

"You see, many days ago Mr. Brian Marshall sent me photographs of Him and the Most Holy Shroud of Turin — he actually looks so much like that of the Holy Image on the Shroud," the alleged letter from the retired pontiff reads.

"There is no other explanation. He is simply the Lord Jesus Christ Almighty! I was so penetrated with love and compassion from God that I requested the photo I saw to be put in a place of honor somewhere. He is the Most Royal Man Alive, The King of Kings. … The Messiah, Almighty and Everlasting," it continues.

There is no record of Pope Benedict or the Vatican ever mentioning Marshall in public speeches, however, and there is no way for the alleged letter to be verified.

The preacher has claimed that Benedict planned to make the affirmation in March 2013, but was foiled by Pope Francis, who Marshall called the "anti-Christ."

The Daily Mail also shared the story of a man, who wasn’t named, who said that his American father-in-law left behind his wife, children and grandchildren, to go to Australia and live with Marshall as a follower.

"He believes this guy, Brian Leonard Golightly Marshall, is Jesus Christ. He told his wife that he’s going to go to Australia to be with him. Leaving her and his kids and grand-kids to go be with this guy," said the man, who lives in California.

I mean, really, if you are down under and upside down all day, it is understandable.

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The Hacking of the Carbon Dating Over and Over and Over

July 29, 2015 2 comments

clip_image001It is hard to figure out if Stephen Jones is starting over or finishing up with his latest The 1260-1390 radiocarbon date of the Turin Shroud was the result of a computer hacking #1:

Introduction. This is the seventh and final installment of part #1 of my concluding summary of the evidence that the 1988 radiocarbon dating of the Shroud of Turin as "mediaeval … AD 1260-1390"[2] was the result of a computer hacking, allegedly by Arizona radiocarbon dating laboratory physicist Timothy W. Linick (1946-89)[3], aided byKarl Koch (1965–89)[4], on behalf of the former Soviet Union, through its agency the KGB. I will list the main headings as bullet-points, linking them back to my previous "My theory …" posts on those topics. In future I will link back to this post whenever I state that "the 1988 radiocarbon dating of the Shroud of Turin as `mediaeval … AD 1260-1390′ was the result of a computer hacking."

He already has 52 postings on the subject. His is the second most read blog out there with 400,000-plus page views.  Is it only a matter of time before some journalists start characterizing shroud enthusiasts as believing the carbon dating was rigged to be medieval by a computer hacker on behalf of the KGB? Or is it so preposterous, so obviously a way-out conspiracy theory, that is gets ignored?

You are free to ignore this posting.

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Comment Promoted: Colin Berry on Robert Bucklin

July 28, 2015 76 comments

What you are going to want to do after you read this posting is …

  1. Click on Colin’s posting on his site: Here’s an updated version of my ‘iconoplastic’ modelling of that Turin so-called “Shroud” (probably a misnomer).
  2. Then scroll down until you see a paragraph that starts with, “Another hero-worshipped figure is “STURP member” Robert V. Bucklin.”

Colin’s posting on his blog is so long and cumbersome it is slowing down my browser and making my mouse jerky. So first, read the comment, below, the that Colin wrote in this blog and I mined from my own site. (BTW: When I gather information from Colin’s site he complains that I am mining his site for content. When I don’t, he mines it for us.) I had said it was a slow news day. He said:

Slow news day? Not on my site… Were you aware that STURP’s Robert Bucklin MD, consultant pathologist, was in fact doing his virtual biopsy a year before STURP’s trip to Turin (which Bucklin may or may not have joined, depending on whose account one believes), so was NOT done on the “Shroud” itself but on PHOTOGRAPHS. What’s more, the photographs used were long-in-the-tooth 1931 Enrie negatives, as this video still from David Rolfe’s “Silent Witness” shows, made in 1977 (released in 78) a year before STURP.

How many people reading Bucklin’s autopsy would realize it was NOT based on the “Shroud” itself, seen in natural colour with his own eyes, but a B/W negative on which he claims to see “wounds” etc and much else besides? One suspects that Bucklin’s “autopsy report for STURP was written well before the STURP descent on Turin, so could not have benefited from the new photography done by Barrie Schwortz, Mark Evans and other documenting photographers, far less the far superior imagery we now have from Durante (2002) on Shroud Scope.

Given the autopsy relied entirely on ancient photographs, why was ‘true-believer’ Bucklin(his own admission) selected as officlal STURP pathologist? Why weren’t the same photographs sent to other pathologists for their opinion? The more I learn about STURP and its largely self-selected personnel, the less I like.

Is Colin’s criticism justified? 

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Posting For a Slow News Day

July 28, 2015 13 comments

Psychosis set in when the radiocarbon dating results for the Shroud of Turin were
announced, or when the due date of the Mayan apocalypse came and went.

imageIt is about apophenia and pareidolia: the short essay, Beware of the Man in the Ashtray by Neels Blom appearing in Business Day (BDlive of South Africa). Well, no, not really. It is about politics. Well, no, not really. Well maybe if you lived in South Africa you might think so.

Oh, did I mention the Shroud of Turin is mentioned. But it is not about that.  Fly fishing? Pluto?

It is entertaining. And if is very well written. And it is not an essay. It’s and Op Ed. That’s enough.

By-the-way, we’ve discussed apophenia and pareidolia many times in the blog (those are links to pages in this blog). We discussed fishing once.  Well, no, not really.

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And We Are All Mathematician Even if We Don’t Know It

July 27, 2015 76 comments

imageJohn Klotz has a new posting on his Quantum Christ blog. The title sort of says it all but you need to read The God of Probability: The Shroud and Divine Providence to know why.

To the extent that I depend on intuition – and I do, probably more than I want to admit – I have a gut sense that the shroud is probably (probability-wise) authentic. So right after reading John’s posting I went awandering through the internet for something on intuition. (By-the-way, I intuitively know that awandering is a word even though Google doesn’t support the idea.  In retribution, I have created a new word: agoogling.)

I found this wonderful, a-thousandfold quotation by Einstein:

The rational mind is a faithful servant and the intuitive mind is a sacred gift. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.

Intuition kicked in; I just knew in my gut that Einstein never said that. You can spend a whole day lost in Wikiquotes but it just takes minutes to discover that Einstein never said any such thing. That is okay. I like the message. Henceforth you should attribute the quotation to me.

If you want to have some early morning fun before the coffee is ready go to the Wikiquotes entry for intuition. Two-step (or go awandering) on down to Einstein and the Poet: In Search of the Cosmic Man. I like this:

Knowledge is necessary, too. An intuitive child couldn’t accomplish anything without some knowledge. There will come a point in everyone’s life, however, where only intuition can make the leap ahead, without ever knowing precisely how. One can never know why, but one must accept intuition as fact.

Here is what John Klotz said:

Intuition is a process which is pure thought and there is no need to access the conscious brain. Information is considered and utilized at blinding speed and appears to be instantaneous. Two recent works that discuss this phenomenon are Blink. The Power of Thinking Without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell and Gut Feelings: The Intelligence of the Unconscious   by Gerd Gigerenzer

There is one item that all of us factor into our intuition: the law of probability. That doesn’t mean we are always right because our sense of the probabilities may be askew. Yet, it is possible to analyze the probabilities of a particular situation and arrive at a mathematical solution. Our subconscious does that intuitively.

You need to read The God of Probability: The Shroud and Divine Providence

John, I agree. Nice posting.

1999 Interview with Isabel Piczek

July 26, 2015 42 comments

A few hours ago on Facebook, Russ Breault announced the availability of …

Another episode of The Shroud Report, here is renowned artist Isabel Piczek who discusses whether the Shroud could be the work of an artist. Filmed in 1999 but still very current.

The video runs just over 30 minutes. It is definitely worth watching.

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