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Amazing Video: Vector art impression of the image on the Shroud of Turin

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This is my version of "How it’s made". This is a video of me making a vector art impression of the image on the Shroud of Turin. Many believe this to be the face of Jesus Christ. I spent the 2008 Easter holiday making this. It reminded me there is much more to Easter than candy and bunnies.

. . . writes the craftsman.

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The Holiest of Relics or the Hoariest of Hoaxes?

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imageVeteran journalist Phil Brennan writing in Canada Free Press:

It is fourteen feet long and three-and-a-half-feet wide and obviously very old. The cloth is linen, hand-woven in what is known in the textile trade as a three-to-one herringbone twill. Experts say that this technique is over two millennia old, and used by weavers even before the time of Christ. The cloth has been around since the late 14th century, that much is certain. Under any circumstances, its antiquity alone would, therefor, be of historical interest. But its age, though a matter of bitter dispute, is not what makes it unique. It is, instead, the image that seems to float on its surface—the image of a crucified man—that has intrigued the world for hundreds of years.

For centuries it has been one of Christianity’s most puzzling artifacts. In this century it has been pored over by experts of all stripes, from historians to physicists and NASA space scientists. In recent years, thanks to some dubious carbon-14-dating tests, the Shroud of Turin has been dismissed by many as a masterful fraud, created by some twisted genius in the 14th century. But new dating tests have challenged the validity of the original examinations, and Shroud experts—known as sindonologists,—continue to insist that it cannot be a forgery—that it was simply impossible for anyone to have been pulled off such a technologically sophisticated fraud in the 14th century, or even this one, for that matter.

The Shroud of Turin

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The Shroud of Turin, a relic of Good Friday with more than 2000 years of history

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If the shroud is a forgery, where are its precedents?

April 22, 2011 5 comments

imageI remember reading the following paragraph and an entire article by Danusha Goska on Barrie Schwortz’ website. I remember calling Barrie and telling him how true this seemed to be. (Barrie, do you remember?). At the time I put a link to it at Shroud Story.

How pleased I was to see this again. It is an elegant argument for authenticity. Danusha, thanks for blogging it.

If the shroud is a forgery, where are its precedents? Where are the other forged shrouds like it? Where is there evidence of practice shrouds of this type? If the technology to create the shroud was available in medieval Europe, where are other products of this technology? Humankind is an exhaustively exploitative species. We make full use of any technology we discover, and leave ample evidence of that use. Given the lucrative nature of the forgery market, why didn’t the forger create a similar Shroud of Mary, Shroud of St. Peter, Shroud of St. Paul, etc.? And why didn’t followers do the same?

THIS IS A MUST READ: Bieganski the Blog: The Shroud of Turin

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Jesus, the Lost 40 Days in now on YouTube (for how long?)

April 22, 2011 1 comment

imageThe entire 90 minute episode of “Jesus: The Lost 40 Days” has been uploaded to YouTube in six parts. It will probably only be a matter of hours or days before a copyright infringement complaint is filed and the entire documentary is removed. 

I strongly recommend downloading a legal, permanent, better quality copy from iTunes. The price is only $3.99. See Jesus: the Lost 40 Days is now available on iTunes

Or wait and buy the DVD when it is released June 1, 2011.

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History Channel’s Jesus: the Lost 40 Days & The Real Face of Jesus Available on iTunes

April 22, 2011 2 comments

imageWith most home computers, you can use iTunes. That means that you can download and watch the hot new documentary, “Jesus: the Lost 40 Days.” You don’t need an iPod, iPhone or iPad. You can watch this 90 minute show on your computer in a matter of minutes. You can also watch the best selling sensation, “The Real Face of Jesus?

  • If you have not done so, you will need to install iTunes (Windows or Apple, it’s free and takes but five minutes to do so)
  • You will need to open an iTunes account (credit card or PayPal)
  • You will need to pay $3.99 for each documentary (unlimited viewing, never expires for both of these two shows)
  • You will need to download each documentary within iTunes (it took me less than 10 minutes)
  • You can put both shows on an Apple portable device if you want. (I even hooked up my iPhone to a projector)

BTW: The DVD of “Jesus: the Lost 40 Days” will not be available from ($24.95) or ($19.99) until June 1.

With iTunes, shipping takes about 10 minutes unless you have a medieval dial-up line. The price is right. Picture quality is excellent.

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Availability of the Real Face of Jesus?

April 22, 2011 2 comments

imageThe Village of the Banned blog is reporting:

The History Channel has deleted all previews of the Documentary titled: “The Face of Jesus” from U Tube. The documentary is one of the finest I have ever seen and can now only be seen by purchasing the DVD from the History Channel for $24.95. I had hoped to at least post the previews of that show here but am unable to at this time.

Amazon has the DVD for $18.49 and offers next-day delivery. iTunes is offering the show for $3.95 (unlimited viewing). You can watch it on a Windows or Apple computer, an iPhone, iPod or an iPad. With a special cable you can watch it on any TV with appropriate input connections.

Shroud of Turin…..The Face of Jesus | Village of the Banned

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Bible Belt Buddhist on Resurrection?

April 22, 2011 2 comments

imageWhat? From Buddhist in the Bible Belt:

Sometimes I take in one of those Shroud of Turin shows on NatGeo or the History Channel. The shroud, in case you did not know this, is a piece of cloth with a radiographic image of a guy who looks remarkably like Jesus. Supposedly the image was made as His body dissolved into light, which is pretty interesting because, uh, you can only see the image with a radiograph.

imageWhat show ever said “you can only see the image with a radiograph?” This painting is from the 16th century. The artist must have been able to see the image without radiography, which wasn’t possible before the discovery of x-rays in 1895. Millions of people lined up to see the image on the shroud in Turin in 2010. Not one of them brought an x-ray machine or a radiograph (fluoroscope).

imageThe rest of the article is very interesting over at Buddhist in the Bible Belt: Talk Thursday: Resurrection. I’m not sure, however, that I understand exactly what is meant by resurrection or reincarnation any more than what is meant by radiograph.

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Good Friday 2011

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By Earle Andrews

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Bill Donohue’s Grumpy List Revised

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imageThe Catholic League has revised the Easter grumpy list. There are now only seven items. Without even so much as a footnote or an “Updated” tag, they dropped Catholic League president Bill Donohue’s criticism of the History Channel’s Jesus: The Lost 40 Days. It had read:

The History Channel is gifting us with "Jesus: The Lost 40 Days," based on the "lost gospels," not the real ones. Nice to know more weight is given to writings which were penned in the second and third centuries rather than in the first.

I had wondered if he had actually watched the show. He had not, I am told. So where did he get his idea about what the show was about? From what I understand, an article in the NY Post. See the previous posting, Comment of the Day on Jesus: The Lost 40 Days

It is interesting that the league adds, at the bottom of the list, “Contrary to our skeptics, we don’t make these things up—we just note them.”

Maybe they should add, “And like our skeptics we don’t check out the facts.”

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Comment of the Day on Jesus: The Lost 40 Days

April 22, 2011 1 comment

Sean O’Reilly comments on the NY Post’s website to Linda Stasi who wrote the article about the History Channel’s Jesus: The Lost 40 Days. First he quotes Stasi:

”I’m most impressed that Jesus stopped bleeding, cleaned up and got himself a spiffy new robe for those personal appearances.”.

Then he writes:

You were doing fine with this article until you wrecked it with that short paragraph. Can’t take just 1 day off of hating, can you?

imageRay Downing — who created the documentary, who according to Stasi “recreated the face of Jesus last year, attempts — with the help of theologians and experts in the lost gospels — to bring what we know about the appearances Jesus made after his death come alive,” — has also reacted to that very same sentence about the “spiffy new robe.” In an email to me he wrote:

This is not an attack on the program – what [Stasi] is mocking here is the central core of the Christian belief.

The question is: where did Jesus get the spiffy new life which enabled him to appear alive again after all he had suffered?

Ask that question and you might get somewhere.

Sean, I’m emailing your comment to Ray. I know he will appreciate it, just as I did. Thanks.

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Bill Donohue Doesn’t Care For Jesus, The Lost 40 Days

April 21, 2011 Comments off

imageCatholic League president Bill Donohue doesn’t care for Jesus: The Lost 40 Days. But did he watch it? At least it was down at number 7 out of 8 on his grumpy list. I agree with him on Filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici, disagree on the History Channel documentary, and find the rest of his list mildly humorous but mostly yawn-inspiring. I might agree with him on the boring points after three glasses of wine, particularly when it comes to Spring Spheres.

April 21, 2011

Catholic League president Bill Donohue notices how the crazies always surface at Eastertime:

Consider the Easter gifts Christians have been graced with this year:

• Ricky Gervais felt the need to offer a very public "Holiday Message," notifying the world that though he is not a Christian, he is a very Christ-like person. It is revealing that this British atheist couldn’t find a single secular humanist to model himself after.

• Lady Gaga, who admits to being "confused" about religion, offered more proof of her addled state by choosing to release her single, "Judas," this weekend. It begins with, "I’m in love with Judas."

• Third graders at a Seattle school were told they must call Easter Eggs "Spring Spheres," though the kids refused to cooperate.

• Adults in Munson Township, Ohio were ordered to call their Easter Egg Hunt the Egg Hunt. Watch for it to be banned next year.

• Filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici, who a few years ago entertained us with the hoax about Jesus’ tomb, is back again, this time claiming he found two nails used to crucify Jesus. He is looking in vain to find an archaeologist who might believe him.

• Evangelist Rob Bell made the cover of Time, and that’s because they like his "Happy Meal" approach to Christianity: sin and evil don’t exist, just sugar and spice and everything nice.

• The History Channel is gifting us with "Jesus: The Lost 40 Days," based on the "lost gospels," not the real ones. Nice to know more weight is given to writings which were penned in the second and third centuries rather than in the first.

• On Good Friday, James Frey—the same guy Oprah sized up as a fraud—will introduce his book, The Final Testament of the Holy Bible: he portrays Jesus as an alcoholic who lives in a filthy Bronx apartment, smokes dope, kisses men and impregnates prostitutes. Frey is agnostic on the question of whether Jesus ever worked for the New York Times.

Contrary to our skeptics, we don’t make these things up—we just note them.

Catholic League: For Religious and Civil Rights

Jesus – The Lost 40 Days at Amazon

April 21, 2011 1 comment


Frank from Lansing writes:

I just ordered Jesus: The Lost 40 Days from Amazon where it is $5.00 less than at Amazon has 2 day shipping and History has 7 to 10 days for the same amount.

Of course there are no customer reviews since it hasn’t shipped. Amazon doesn’t allow that. But I noticed that it ranks 54 among the top 100 Religion and Spirituality DVDs. It is selling better than many big name DVDs at this point. That seems to be quite impressive for a pre-order product. 

The Real Face of Jesus which is also about the Shroud by the same Ray Downing and the History Channel is selling at number 11. That is extraordinary.

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Maundy – Holy Thursday

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The Sacrament of the Last Supper by Salvator Dalì (1955)
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Ask the Atheist Discusses the Shroud of Turin

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imageRECOMMENDED POSTING: From Ask the atheist on this glorious Maundy Thursday / Holy Thursday morning, April 21, 2011:

Question from Peg:

I am an agnostic and skeptic. I am curious and confused about the Shroud of Turin and wondered if you know anything about it. I have heard that the carbon dating that was done was incorrect in that the piece of cloth cut for the dating came from a re-sewn area from when the shroud was in a fire, so another carbon dating has to be done.

Also, the person who said he re-created the shroud was proven inaccurate as well. Evidently, it was not exactly the same as the shroud. From the documentaries I have watched on this, it seems the experts are at a loss to know how it was done. They even went so far as to say that the image could have been made by a “light”.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Answer by SmartLX:

Sometimes you don’t have to know how a hoax was achieved to know it’s a hoax, and the Shroud may well be one example of this.

Fair enough. But to know it’s a hoax still requires a sound argument. The responder went on to write:

In 2010 Gregory S. Paul published a study of what the markings on the shroud imply about the position and dimensions of the body it would have been shrouding. Most significant (but not alone) among his findings is the fact that the corpse’s head would have been abnormally small relative to the body. The fact that no likely method of fabrication or duplication has yet been found hardly matters when the end result is apparently the imprint of a seriously deformed man. (I find it interesting, but not surprising, that no Christian has attempted to answer this study by supposing that Jesus really was deformed, for example by microcephaly.)

May I refer you to the Computerized anthropometric analysis of the Man of the Turin Shroud by Giulio Fanti, Emanuela Marinelli and Alessandro Cagnazzo. It is perhaps the most comprehensive and statistically correct analysis of the body dimensions found on the Shroud of Turin. The points Gregory S. Paul makes are in fact fully addressed in this and other scientific papers. The above mentioned paper is 15 pages of detail. There are other studies, as well. See the comprehensive bibliographies at

That no likely method has been found does matter. If we allow for the possibility that the image was created onto the shroud from an enveloped human body (Jesus or someone else, in theory), we must wonder what distortions are caused by the posture of the body (foreshortening), the draping of the cloth, and the image-forming method. (This, by-the-way, is one of the reasons I do not think that light was involved in the creation of the image – but that is another matter).



Meanwhile Dr Raymond Rogers, the man who concluded that the earlier carbon dating was of a newer patch of cloth, has given his own estimate. (Scroll down in this article, but read the stuff on the way there if you like.) He places it in the period between 1000 BC and 1700 AD. This estimate does include the time of Jesus but is broad enough to include the entire Medieval era and many others besides. In fact, it includes every period anyone has ever suggested as the origin of the shroud, and is therefore useless for purposes of elimination or deduction. Assuming that we can now identify which parts of the shroud are original and which are not, a new carbon dating analysis of the original material would be nice to see.

I believe that everyone agrees, at least in principle.  Will the church allow it any time in the foreseeable future? I doubt it, but it is not out of fear of the results. They really don’t have a vested interest, something that non-Christians sometimes don’t understand – for instance, there are many Catholics and other Christians who do not believe it is real. Some objections to more tests will be out of an abundance of caution in this time establishing proper protocols. There is also a growing sentiment against additional destructive tests. I understand that even though I am one who thinks we should do new radiocarbon dating. This time we should do so with public protocols, outside observers and full test results transparency.

And to wrap up, SmartLX writes:

To speak more generally, the two points you bring up are instances where people debunked apparent evidence that the shroud is not that of Jesus. That’s very different news to the discovery of positive evidence that the shroud is that of Jesus, which hasn’t happened and isn’t likely to happen.

I agree. While I believe that it is the real deal because I find enough evidence to infer authenticity, I don’t think we can prove it.  Either way, we should strive to find evidence and follow that evidence wherever it leads. And we should continue civilized discussions.

Full posting without my annoying comments: Piercing the Shroud – Ask the atheist.

Twitter Traffic About the Lost 40 Days

April 21, 2011 1 comment

Here is a peek at some Twitter traffic about “Jesus: The Lost 40 Days” while the show was airing. The word “interesting” stands out, perhaps.


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What really happened during ‘Lost 40 Days’?

April 20, 2011 2 comments

imageAn excellent look at tonight’s premier showing of “Jesus: The Lost 40 Days” appears in World Net Daily. The article is written by Jerome R. Corsi, author of The Shroud Codex.


What really happened during ‘Lost 40 Days’?

3D graphics bring ‘real Jesus’ to life for History Channel Easter program

Biblical accounts of what Jesus did on Earth for the 40 days between his resurrection on what is celebrated now across America as Easter and his ascension are sparse, but a new project by the History Channel, titled "Jesus: The Lost 40 Days," offers insight into one of the least-documented times in his life as a man.

The project explains that non-biblical sources could reveal "astonishing information and detail about these seemingly lost 40 days."

– - It is scheduled to premiere tonight at 9 p.m. EDT on History – -

The project is based on the work of Ray Downing and his 2010 History Channel Special, "The Real Face of Jesus" that attracted worldwide attention at its own premiere.

Image from "Jesus: The Lost 40 Days"

The History Channel explains, "According to the Bible, Jesus came back from the dead and walked the Earth for 40 days before ascending to heaven. But the New Testament reveals little about this defining miracle of the Christian faith.

Read the full story: What really happened during ‘Lost 40 Days’?

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Turin’s Giovanni Cardinal Saldarini: RIP

April 20, 2011 Comments off

Catholic News Service:

imageVATICAN CITY (CNS) — Remembered especially for his homilies and for supporting factory workers, retired Cardinal Giovanni Saldarini of Turin died April 18 at the age of 86.

Offering his condolences to Catholics in Turin April 19, Pope Benedict XVI said the cardinal was a “zealous priest” and a “caring and loving archbishop” who endured a long illness with trust in the Lord.

As the archbishop of Turin from 1989 to 1999, he was the custodian of the Shroud of Turin, which many believe was the burial cloth of Christ.

The cardinal once said: “The shroud is an icon, which represents the passion of Christ. This is its value. It is not accurate to speak of a relic or of a miracle.”

CNS STORY: Retired Cardinal Saldarini of Turin dies at 86

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More on the Real Face of Jesus

April 20, 2011 Comments off

Christen in her blog, The Uncontainable Truth

With Easter just around the corner, many of us are getting ready to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus.  Like most churches, our church has been doing sermon series that lead up to Easter Sunday.  Recently, our pastor showed us this video about a documentary on the History Channel called The Real Face of Jesus?  The Real Face of Jesus? follows a team of graphic experts as they use cutting-edge 3D software to bring a holy relic known as the Shroud of Turin to life. Many believe Jesus Christ was buried in this ancient linen cloth, which bears traces of blood and the faint, ghostly image of a man.

I must say, watching this video made me wonder what Jesus really looked like.  Of course, the first images that come to my mind are a man in his thirties with a beard, but what else?  Did he have his mother’s eyes?  Or Joseph’s lips?  Did he smile a crooked smile or run his hands through his hair?

Getting to see the face of Jesus one day is going to be a marvelous discovery.  Even though I can’t physically see Jesus each day, I see him in other ways.  I see him through my husband and my children.  I see the face of Jesus when I sing praises to his name.  I see him when I am hiding away in fear because his light enters my heart and my mind.  Jesus is all around us and He is just waiting for us to greet him hello.

Read the full post: The face of Jesus | The Uncontainable Truth

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Dissent of the Day to a Silly Old Fuddy Duddy

April 20, 2011 1 comment

Monica Saunders writes as a comment to Nutty Stuff Alert: Shroud of Turin & The Grey Aliens Again:

I have looked at all you have to say and listened and read what Nigel Kerner and Dr.Andrew Silverman have to say about the Shroud of Turin and it seems clear now that you are a silly old fuddy duddy locked into your own dee p set prejudices with nothing cogent to offer on the sub ject. I suggest you abandon your views on this because you are looking increasingly less credible and seem to have an axe to grind and a need to simply sound off.

imageI’ve read Kerner’s book and before you criticize anything you think he might have said – it is a work of scholarship that is as far as I can see, based in pristine reason and backed up by scientific papers. As such it is not a threat to shroud science but an enhancement of it. I’ve heard two interviews in which the two people you vilify discuss a presentation they made at a scientific conference on images such as the Shroud in Frascati Italy last year. This conference it seems involved distinguished scientists doing the latest work on the Shroud. So where are yo u coming from?

Have you read Kerner’s book? I would guess not. How scientific is it to rubbish a book without reading it?

No, I have not read Kerner’s book. Nor did I rubbish it. I was rubbishing what I heard on the radio program.

This silly old fuddy duddy doesn’t plan to read the book but I certainly hope other do. Here is a link at Amazon. Read everything on the page. Buy the book. It is available in print and Kindle. Write your own review. Here is the review from a verified purchaser that Amazon users have rated most useful:

This book is atrocious, one of the worst books I’ve ever read, but I read it in order to post a truthful review here. For about 1 to 5 pages out of 432 does it address the subject of the title. The rest is a metaphysical incoherent rambling without any proof whatsoever and judicious use of the Darwinist’s favourite statements, "Could it be perhaps…", "Is it possible that…". It even doesn’t explain why a robotic grey alien would want to have a soul, if it’s just a robot? How would it know what a soul is? The author also has the audacity to have a glossary of terms for concepts like a soul. I thought we already had a word for soul?

Then there is the tremendous anti white-Caucasian (as he calls them) racism in the book where he believes white-Caucasian superior technology and at times wanton cruelty is because of grey alien genetic manipulation (IMO, white skin is no proof of this!). He names anyone and anyone that was historically significant – Greeks, Italians, Spanish Portuguese, French, German, British and Dutch and so on. Let me remind the author of a few facts. The Asiatic Mongols, Asiatic Huns, Asiatic Ottoman Turks were amongst the cruellest people in all of human history. The Asiatic Japanese had a 27% mortality rate compared to a 4% for those "nasty Germans" (he mentions them more than once) in their respective POW camps. Of course we then have the amazing institutionalised racism of the Indian caste system. Other facts that escape the author include, the massacres of Rwanda and other African countries the fact that the Incas had an oppressive empire greater than Rome’s when the Spanish came, the fact that eight waves of succeeding Australian aboriginals wiped out the preceding one escapes the author too, when chastising Caucasians for their treatment of aboriginals. Maybe the author should move from central England and go and live in a place where there are no "evil white-Caucasians", but nah, I bet not?

Throughout the book, the author offers no proof, even whistleblowers or witnesses would have been something, of any of the preposterous assertions he’s formulated. The editor should not have allowed this book into print. I’ll be more wary of their books from now on.

I don’t know where the 4-5 star reviews came from, I really don’t?

Read more…

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Jesus: The Lost 40 Days Ships June 1, 2011

April 20, 2011 Comments off

imageJesus: The Lost 40 Days, which premiers tonight, April 20, will begin shipping June 1, 2011, from for $24.95 and for $19.99.

Run Time: 93 Minutes

Description: According to the Bible, Jesus Christ spent 40 days on Earth after his Resurrection on that first Easter Sunday before ascending to Heaven. Astonishingly, the New Testament is practically silent on what happened during this period. Why are only a few scattered paragraphs devoted to perhaps the central, most defining and miraculous event in Christianity? And most importantly, what did Jesus do and say during those incredible 40 days? Jesus: The Lost 40 Days is a new investigation into this missing time period. For the first time, viewers will see all that recorded history can reveal about this mysterious period. Could Christ’s words during those 40 days contain his most important teachings? Why is none of it in the Gospels? Could there have been a conspiracy to exclude this information? Jesus: The Lost 40 Days will attempt to unravel this centuries-old mystery and further our understanding of the amazing life and death events surrounding one of history’s most prominent figures.

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More on Nutty Stuff Alert: Shroud of Turin & The Grey Aliens Again

April 20, 2011 Comments off

A reader writes:

imageRe your Nutty Stuff Alert: Shroud of Turin & The Grey Aliens Again post, the good thing to remember is that on his website, Andrew Silverman has some important things to say about the authenticity of the shroud and how the image might have formed. I don’t agree with much of his image theory thinking, but I don’t agree with Fanti, Rogers, or you, either.

The sad thing is that he has hooked himself up with Nigel Kerner and his Grey Alien weirdness.

Did you actually listen to the Red Ice Radio podcast with Nigel Kerner and Andrew Silverman? You did warn us. But did you listen? Since it was more than an hour long I downloaded it my Blackberry so I could listen to it while driving to work. Like Linda Blair in “The Exorcist”, my Blackberry now glows in the dark, floats above the car seat and spits green slime in my face whenever I try to use it. 

Is it at all possible that more than two people in the world agree with these fellows?

Here is a review of the podcast by someone named Charles Frith on his blog Punk Planning: The Turin Shroud & Unity Conciousness. So, yes, maybe there are three people (almost):

This double interview might be a little heavy. I’m not sure I fully get Nigel Kerner’s harvesting of souls hypothesis completely and his interview style is quite hard as it swings between fabulously complex and then lots of ‘if you see what I mean’. Or maybe it’s just a simple premise of Grey aliens harvesting souls and are being lower down the food chain of conciousness and thus more of a warning than a threat if taken pragmatically as omens of technology fetishism.

However it’s the Andrew Silverman part that kicks in around 15-20 minutes that blew me away. He takes us through the solid scientific evidence that the Turin Shroud wrapped a dead man who shone momentarily brighter than the sun and left the mark of his body as if the cadaver lit up a like nuclear cadaver for a nano second.

I don’t think the evidence is at all solid that Jesus “shone momentarily brighter than the sun and left the mark of his body as if the cadaver lit up a like nuclear cadaver for a nano second.” We are a long ways still from knowing how the image formed.

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